Who are we?

Who are we?

Erinea is above all a love story, an incredible passion for plants and animals.

Determined to make a difference in the world, to take concrete action for the environment and to share her creations with people, Delphine finally founded Erinea in 2015. Supported for fifteen years by her spouse and business partner: Luc. Delphine can only hope for an adventure without limits and without end.

First nurse trained, Delphine acquired expertise and a lot of knowledge in the medical field, and this, over a period of more than fifteen years of practice in the field. Beyond the professional setting, she also devoted herself to the virtues of medicinal plants; she studied their different characteristics and discovered with fascination their powers. One thing was certain, she had to take advantage of these remarkable properties.

Being a big consumer of cosmetics, enlightenment then came. Delphine has therefore reconciled her professional experience and her knowledge of medicinal plants with her great interest in body products; Delphine would devote herself to creating 100% herbal products.

Luc's work is of great value to Erinea. A chemist by training, he brings essential expertise to all manufacturing processes. Thanks to their close collaboration and their daily complicity, they have brought together knowledge and passion to develop a range of safe, natural and quality products for their customers.

Thus, Delphine has built a company in his image. Today, a passionate entrepreneur, Delphine proudly shares her values with people by offering products created and designed from the plant world. Erinea cares about the respect of nature and the well-being of animals, but also that of its customers!

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