Welcome to our FAQ, specially designed to answer clearly and simply the most common questions about Erinea. Whether you are a customer, a distributor or you are thinking of becoming one, or a visitor, here you will find important information.

How are Erinea products different?

Erinea products are designed and formulated specifically to meet your needs. Erinea offers you products whose raw materials are from vegetable origins. We believe and want the properties and benefits of plants to be the cornerstones in the design of authentic body products.


What certification can be found on Erinea products and what is their significance?

All Erinea products are VEGAN certified. The logo guarantees that our body products contain no animal or animal by-products and that they are not tested on animals.


Do Erinea products contain parabens?

In terms of our values, Erinea products do not contain parabens or chemical preservatives.


If the expiry date of Erinea products is exceeded?

The expiry date guarantees the effectiveness of the active ingredients of the product as well as the quality of good preservation of the various natural ingredients. Spend this time, we no longer guarantee the properties of the product. It is therefore best to refrain from using it as a precaution.